As most of you are aware, since the beginning we have been not just a Bike rental centre but so much more. An important part of our shop is our clothing line and pro cycling kit section. With the many and constantly growing number of professional cyclists living in Girona, we have been the go-to place for these athletes to sell their kit. We also have our very own Bike Breaks and Girona Cycling Festival clothing line which has been and continues to be a great hit!

As the cycling community in Girona continues to rapidly grow, so does our shop and it can only handle so much kit and store so many bikes! So, the decision was made to create a shop just for clothing. We wanted to wait for the right time and that time came when we found our perfect shop location…opposite Bike Breaks.
The shop will be called Bike Breaks Boutique.
It doesn’t end there… this shop is going live as an ‘online shop’, hitting the big wide world: Pro Kit Corner online shop. This has been in the making for quite some time now, so we are thrilled to finally have it ready and live. We want to share our fantastic line of pro and local clothing with the cycling world and now we can!